Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mini Cooper Adventures

Frank & Beans had an awesome long Memorial Day weekend! We went on a few trips and adventures and got WORN OUT!

A favorite/funny memory of the weekend went something like this on Saturday morning :

Ben : I think I'm going to bring the dogs to Cars & Coffee this morning
Allyson : Alright, well I'm not going so are you sure? The chiefs tend to get super rowdy when they see other dogs there.. and Frank has this car-sick thing going on...
Ben : Noo no no no .. it'll be fine. I'll drive careful, it's Ok. Just hand me a few paper towels in case he gets sick .... 

20 minutes later I get a text with a picture...

Some-dog. didn't. make. it.

For the sake of everyone's breakfast/lunch/dinner/whatever, I cropped out  some uh.. 'extra' footage....(and besides I know nobody else reeeally wants to see this stuff...)
"Dude... she warned you... "

Frank : "Man, I didn't realize I had that in me..."
Beans : "O.. M.. G Frank you are so gross. I can't believe you just did that all over
the back of Ben's car... good thing you didn't get it on my sweet polo

So yeah, Frank let loose in the MINI, but ended up still enjoying Cars & Coffee. When he got home he ate a second breakfast to make up for the one he lost {best day EVER}... and then we went on a walk and had a fun afternoon!

Also, in yesterday's Frankly Speaking, Frank referenced a video of a dachshund and a lion becoming friends. Late in the day Frank realized that the specific video was taken down. We found another (the original) to share with you in case you missed yesterdays!
Here's an article about it, too!

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