Friday, May 31, 2013

Playground Adventures

One of our adventures over the long weekend was to the playground down the street. The little chiefs had lots of fun running around all the playground equipment.. check it out!

"Yeaaah! Party at the playground!!!"

{trottin' like a Clydesdale...}

We started off with a little tic-tac-toe game.. Beans was up first... 
"Alright... I'm gonna pick..... this one... thanks for the spot Pops..."

"Let's see Beans... that was an excellent move but I think I'm going to moooove..... this... one..... "
{for the sake of the picture I guess it would have been smart to change the X's & O's...}

Then Beans has to play the little watch dog .... 
..followed by Frank who decided to 'bark without a purpose' (as we call it...)

Then we climbed up to the top to check out the slide!
"I'm the king of the playground!!!"

And then it was time to go home... 

Have a great weekend!!

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