Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I have to get serious for a minute.  There is a topic close to my heart that I need to address - but before I start I need your undivided attention.

Of the many life skills one must learn - one rises above all the others.  No, I don't mean looking both directions or candy from strangers.  When you are hungry like me you accept any free food especially candy - the calories don't count if it makes you happy - just look at Beans... he loves eating weeds from the backyard and still keeps his Air Bud figure.

Anyways, I'm getting off topic - throwing successful cookouts are a skill one must have in order to get to the front of the pack (hehe it's funny cuz it's got a double meaning).  There are 3 variables one must PWN in order to have a cookout your guests will tell all of their friends at the local dog park about.

1.  Music - Don't be cheap and play the radio - go to the library and borrow some tunes.  It's not piracy because you aren't ripping them and returning them like some people I know.

Make sure you setup a playlist with fun songs that make folks want to kick back with their favorite bowl of water and squeaky toy.  Here is my fav. song of the moment. By those cool dudes you all know: Blurred Lines: Robin Thicke, Pharrel and T.I.

PS: Did you know Robin Thicke's dad is Alan Thicke?  Yeh it was news to me too! 

2.  Food - Make sure you bring food that I - I mean er um the guests would like.  I prefer foods that don't  include the words Hot Dog or Sausage - both used to describe Dachshunds they aren't exactly flattering.  If you forget that's fine - I get first dibs!

You get the idea!  It's funny cuz it's a double meaning!

3.  Games - Don't forget it's all about your guests - you need to have something fun for them to do.  Like cornhole or tossing my favorite toy until I get tired.  My record for fetch or what I like to call a "A Game of Wits" is 61 returns.  Beat that Lassie - only thing that has me beat is this little guy from across the pond!

Yes we can be taught - looks like we don't need humans after all!

In summary - its all about your guests and making sure they have a good time (ha yeh right).  Get out there and celebrate Memorial Day in style with these timeless tips!

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