Monday, May 13, 2013

Fritz & Freida Monday

Frank & Beans had a busy Saturday! We started off with a dog-park-play-date with Brinkley! I'm not sure why I didn't get any pictures but Frank had a GREAT time..
Beans was a little more stressed. He doesn't do as well around a lot of other dogs... and must have KNOWN what we were doing on the drive down... Here he is, mentally preparing for the event... 
 {in his polo looking SO cute...}
After the dog-park-play-date we took a walk and got some coffee at a little coffee/wine bar while the dogs chilled and just looked cute (and got MANY compliments from people passing by). As we were walking home we heard some barking from a lighting shop... Who do we find inside?? THESE GUYS!!
Meet Fritz & Freida (sp?)!! Fritz & Freida are brothers & sister long-haired doxies who were visiting the lighting shop for the day!
 "My name is Frank! I'm a long-haired-dapple-dachshund. Who are you?"
There was so much excitement going on.. Frank could hardly contain himself.  The dogs were going so crazy I could barely get a good picture!
Frank found his TWIN!!!!
{poor Frank, he's never had a proper "working" tail....}
We did a little intro with Beans... he did OK. We even saw his tail wagging when he met Freida.... we think he might have had a thing for Freida... (of course didn't get a good picture of that either :(
"Popping my collar makes me look so much cooler"
Hopefully we'll get to see Fritz & Freida when we're in the area again real soon!! Happy Monday!

{don't forget about the Dog Eyebrows Challenge!!}

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