Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I got a question from Gismo the rat terrier.  Gismo asks "Frank, you seem to be quite the social animal; I need some advice on how to make more friends - human or dog.  I've been trying to get to know my human neighbor when he is in the backyard but every-time I bark at him I get sprayed with the garden hose!  Frank, please teach me your ways!"

Dear Soaked Pooch,
Thanks for reaching out for help.  I saw this movie once where this critter named Gismo had some issues when exposed to water - and my goodness don't eat after midnight!  See below for the results!  Hope that doesn't happen to you!

Anyway, friendships are based on trust and mutual admiration.  Let's start with the trust part first.  The best way to quickly build trust is by doing a trust fall exercise exercise.  You may remember this from the movie Mean Girls or experienced this when pledging a fraternity as I did.  The idea is that you fall uninhibited and you trust your new friend(s) catch you.  I don't recommend searching YouTube for Trust Fall Fail Videos - that would poke holes in my advice.

Come on - we will catch you ;).

Lastly, let's address mutual admiration.  Admiration comes in many forms - taking an interest in your friends hobbies, interests or selfless acts to benefit another.  My advice is to assist your new friends with their personal hygiene.  Telling you friend when he has spinach stuck in his teeth or heck even getting a 'bit more involved' will certainly bolster your new friendship - check out the video below of my buddy Milo and his feline friend!

Get out there and be somebody!

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