Thursday, September 13, 2012

Frank & Beans go shopping : Naked Decor

Ben & I are off to Colorado today for a mini-vacation to visit some family and friends. Frank & Beans are staying at home in the care of some good friends and promised they would be on their best behavior.

Today Frank & Beans are going to share some of their favorite finds at the store Naked Decor.... (why this place is called Naked Decor I have NO clue but they have some awesome stuff here that I would LOVE to fill the house with).

First up is this SUPER CUTE dog clock that they can use to count down until their next meal-time:
Unfortunately it is sold out :(

Next up is this dog lamp that they would like to use as a night light.

And finally we have these cute dog pillows. Beans wants the one with polka dots and Frank prefers the striped one.

If Frank & Beans could have it their way they'd have ALL of these dachshund pillow {Ok I just had to put that in there because look at these crazy pictures they have on their website! Shirtless guys modeling the dachshund pillows... tooo funny!!}

I wonder if we will have some new 'decorations' around the house when we return next week thanks to Frank & Beans shopping trip... guess we'll wait and see! See you all next week!

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  1. I expect to see pictures of Frank & Beans on this blog, but shirtless guys is a nice suprise bonus! Hope you guys are enjoying Colorado!