Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go Tigers! (again!)

So when we got back from our trip to Colorado there was a package on the door for Frank (yep.. it said "Frank" on the envelope). Inside was a gift all for Frank - a Tigers jersey! Since a while back I posted about how Frank's original jersey fit Beans better, my mom saw one and decided Frank deserved his own, so here it is!
Check out the details of this snazzy jersey (AND Frank's modeling skills.... do I need to remind people that Frank is auditioning for romance novel covers?)

 Action shot! 
 And here's the Detroit Tigers Dachshund Duo 
 (and Frank showin' off some of his chest hair...)
 Of course this isn't a face we like to see, but here's Frank sulking after they lost the other night against the White Sox... (hopefully there won't be any more sulking because the Tigers are going to win all of their remaining games and play in the World Series! :) )

Go Tigers!!!

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