Tuesday, September 18, 2012

King Weenie

We are back after our long weekend in Colorado. Frank and Beans were super happy to see us when we got home! They ran around the house like craaazy for a while, and then Beans decided to crash and lay down with Frank's girlfriend ("Frank's girlfriend" you say? Yep.. more info on that in an upcoming post...).

While on our trip we thought of the boys a couple of times. For instance, one night when we were in Fort Collins, we walked past this pet store that had Halloween costumes out! Who would make a better skunk, Frank or Beans? Ok now how about the grapes?? :)

On the same night we also happened to walk by a hot dog stand named King Weenie. I believe Frank would proclaim himself as the "King Weenie" ... I couldn't resist getting a picture of the sign... (and you can see a very proud Ben as well...)

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