Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Frankly Speaking

Brinkley the dog writes: Dear Frank, I heard you’ve had a few successful escapes from the kitchen. I, too, amsubjected to the kitchen during the day and am not happy about it. Could you offer some ideas and advice for how I can break out? 

Dear Brinkley - That's a great question I'm glad you asked.  I've got a few tips - let's get started.

1.  Plan your escape route and exercise self control.
I have been watching this show called Prison Break on Netflix that has taught me everything I know. I've learned that it's really important to scout out your route without anyone noticing or hearing anything.  Also, use self control - just because you CAN escape doesn't mean you should - wait for the right time.  Practice self control with food.


2.  Play Dead.
If you are really quiet or play dead then they may forget to put you in the kitchen, then you don't have to worry about escaping!  Here is how to do it - compliments of Bean's.


3.  Have friends on the Outside
Once you are out you are going to need friends to help you vanish and start your new life or at least let you hang out for awhile.  This guy Edward Snowden knows a thing or two about it - his face is everywhere but no one can find him then he turns up in Russia.  I need to figure out what leaker; means - it would probably help increase my page views!

nuff said! lol.

Good luck Brinkley - if all else fails and you get caught - stand still and don't move - they can't see you if you don't move!

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