Monday, July 29, 2013

1-year Anniversary! + some changes

We did it! Today marked the 1-year anniversary of The Daily Frank & Beans first post!
We can't believe that we actually kept up with this for an entire year! I'm sure others are impressed too (I mean really... how many pictures/posts can you make up about your dogs...). Maybe we'll try and do a round up of some of the top and most memorable posts over the last year. (if you have a favorite... let us know!!!)

This past weekend Frank & Beans joined us on another trip to Toledo. Let's all give Frank a hand for making it the whole way without getting sick!!!
(we were not so lucky with Beans on the way back)
The chiefs were definitely NOT on their best behavior while in Toledo. Let's just say that when we got home from the Tigers game on Saturday night, the boys had made quite the mess in the kitchen and living room (looks like they had a lot of fun). 

Now, since we have hit the 1-year mark of DF&B we are going to make a few changes.... The Daily Frank & Beans is going to change names to something like The Adventures of Frank & Beans because we are no longer going to do posts on a daily basis (and you can't call something "The Daily..." if it's not daily, right??). We've already mentioned this to a few favorite fans and they are not too happy with it... sorry guys ...

We will share the official name when we finalize it (hopefully soon!). If you have any suggestions let us know!!

We are still going to do a few posts a week (including some occasional Frankly Speaking, Funnies from Beans & Random Rudy Takeovers), just probably not daily. We are also going to try and post more pictures on Frank & Beans Facebook page on a regular basis... so if you aren't a fan yet... Like them!!!

 We hope everyone has enjoyed this past year with Frank & Beans and will continue to! Happy Monday!!

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  1. Day #4 without Frank & Beans-

    It's getting lonely on the web. Without Frank & Beans, Brinkley the Dog no longer can resist the temptation to check out lolcats and read about Justin Bieber. Before long, Brinkley the Dog may even have to sacrifice the privacy he holds so dearly and join the dreaded Facebook to get his fill of Frank & Beans there. Oh the Dogmanity!