Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day Greeting

Soooo we're a day early... we got it.. but Frank & Beans are taking a couple days off this week and wanted to make sure their fans got to see them in their finest patriotic apparel..
I had big plans for this photoshoot.... we were going to go out in the backyard.. get some nice green scenery... it was going to be so pretty. Oh wait... let's do a test shoot first...

Wow Frank, nice hat! AND your bow tie? Fancy!!
Oh let's get another shot of that hat shall we?
 Check out the sweet props in the background... yeaaah

Alright now before we move on, we need to do a check. Who remembers these?
Ok good..
What's happening... uh.. Frank?? 
Yup Frank is officially wearing porch goose outfits. It fits so nice doesn't it??
I know... poor Frank. He's a good sport though, isn't he? Actually he sat still pretty well.. didn't seem to mind (Beans on the otherhand... not a fan...)
For those of you who have concerns and are shaking your head at this silliness... this is probably the most "dressed up" Frank (or Beans) will ever get... After this they both got lots of treats as a big thanks for putting up with us.

Frank especially...
After this, the outdoor photoshoot definitely didn't happen. We figured you got the idea ...

Happy Fourth of July! See everyone next week!

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