Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Frankly Speaking

Dear Frank, writes Sparky the Wonder Dog, I have a lot of weddings to attend this year.  Can you provide some advice on finding the perfect wedding gift?

Dear Sparky!  This one is a question for the ages!  I've got plenty off ideas - keep in mind that my gifts lean to the creative side as none of my readers have yet to put money in the mail and send cash my way. Fortunately I have started an Ebay auction where the highest bidder gets to pick my middle name- thats worth at least $27.57!

Ok, let's get started.

1.  Give gifts that you like (in case the bride and groom aren't interested - they might give them back).  Ok, I know this sounds vain but hear me out!  The last thing you want the newlyweds doing with their time is making multiple trips back to Bed, Bath and Beyond doing exchanges on gifts they don't like when they could just regift them back to you.  I recommend giving large dog bones - it's the gift that keeps giving!

Go ahead splurge and get the big one - it's a better value!

2.  Gift the gift of special treatment.
After the stressful prep required to plan a wedding, try giving a trip to the salon or spa.  Heck-the best kind of treatment is one of those new trends were they can make you look like your favorite celebrity.

Mind on money and money on my mind!

3.  If all else fails - give homemade money (it's more meaningful because it's DIY, thanks Pinterest).
With all of the concerns over the international banking system, real money is on its way out and making room for new currencies like BitCoin and ChuckECheese Tickets.  I can tell you personally that I get my money from the Frank Bank of America.  All you have to do it get onto the nearest computer and print some bills.  The worse my day, the more I print then I roll around in it!

Email me compliments and I will send over the PDF so you can have some 'Franks' too!

Good luck Sparky!  Now go practice your moves for the dance floor at these weddings!

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