Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Frankly Speaking

I had a few fans ask me where I was yesterday since we didn't put a post up... I was celebrating President's Day of course!  My favorite president is President Palmer on the TV show 24, which my parents are constantly watching on Netflix.  Regarding real life Presidents everyone can name their favorite.  While you were enjoying your time off; Bean's and I were discussing our favorite Presidential four legged friends.  Today's pics and content comes courtesy of The DogGuide.net

OK - Here we go!

Herbert Hoover had an ex-police dog German Shepard named King Tut!  Viva Deutschland!

 Like me FDR's Scottie Dog, Fala, enjoyed a nice ride in the car!

Lastly, there was JFK's, short haired dachshund, Dunker!  Way before he was president the most famous Kennedy had a little short legged guy.  That must be why he was so popular with the ladies!

Hope you had a good day off!

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