Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I decided to do things a little differently - normally I take questions then answer then to the best of my wit and intellect ;), no Q&A this week.  In honor of Valentine's Day we have a very special Frankly Speaking.  Since Bean's and I don't have girlfriends (or even really know what that means) we plan to celebrate our Bromance.

Bean's and I met last May when he randomly showed up at my house and never left!  I found out later he used to hang out at Iam's with dogs of all sizes and colors!  Now that he is here we spend ALOT of time together.  Mostly we just sleep and go on crumb-hunting adventures.

In response to Bean's habit of barking for fun VERY early in the morning on the weekend; our parents will let us out then put on the radio and go back to bed.  The radio does seem to help Bean relax!  All of this radio time has got me thinking about the song that best describes my friendship with our buddy Bean's.  Here you go, you may know this one!  I have a soft spot for the little guy - probably partly due to his general awkwardness!

As someone on YouTube commented "Just when you thought this song couldn't bet any better you found out they put Ninja's in the Music Video (1:15)."  I totally agree!  Cheers Mr Bean!

I was very happy to find out from Bean that he picked a song that reminded him of me.  Since he doesn't know the password to Ben's Mac (I do of course!) I'm writing on his behalf.  I knew the man had class when I met him (just look at that hair!) but I confirmed it when he shared with me the song that best reminds him of me!

Like Bean's - Freddie Mercury has killer locks!  I could never figure out the perm thing - oh well!

Happy Valentine's Day - now someone bring me some chocolate before I get grumpy!

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