Thursday, February 7, 2013

Frank & Beans Go Shopping: Target

We haven't done a "Frank & Beans Go Shopping" feature lately, but after a few recent trips to Target I couldn't resist. Seems that Target is featuring DACHSHUNDS in their Valentines Day line of products...

It started off with seeing this ...
A whole Valentine's Day display ("Valentopia" ...?) with a doxie dish! I'm sure Frank & Beans would LOOVE one of these to put some of their treats in!

According to their website this is considered a "candy dish" ... I have looked for this at multiple Targets and have yet to find it in store. I know someone HAS seen one in-store but the tail was broken off :( ... AND online now it says "product no longer available" .. !!

Then I saw some mugs and cups.. check out this one! I think this would make a GREAT Valentine's Day gift for any coffee lover our there {hint hint .... HINT}

And I didn't get a picture of this but check out this crazy straw cup!! Beans would looove to sip his water out of that cup! Not sure how/if dogs can even drink out of a straw but its worth a shot.

As we continued to walk there was even more signage!
Frank: Ahh I'm floating away!!
Beans : I've got something for you, Frank!

{PAUSE: Ben & I actually debated on trying to sneak Frank into Target for a special shopping trip but considering Target is one of our favorite stores.. if we ever wanted to go back then bringing Frank in would not be a wise idea}

AND THEN we saw these guys peeking out on a top shelf...
 {aaand more doxie signage in the top corner... }
This guy would go great in Frank's cage (with Jerome..). If only Beans wouldn't destroy it within minutes of contact we could consider one for him too.

NOW check out this gem... he's about 2-3x the size of Frank & Beans!! 
(special shout-out to my model/husband here...)
Let me replay the dialogue that was taking place at this moment : 
A: Oh! Hold the toy up so I can take a picture!!
B: Are you serious? This isn't for the blog is it? 
A: Nooo no no no no! I just want to get a picture cause this is so cool!
B: Uh.. yeah ... 
A: Can you imagine Frank & Beans dragging this around the house? 
B: No, and that's why we're not getting it
I had a friend who suggested we get this to put a the base of a door to block the cold winter draft. That could totally justify purchasing this right? ;) Stay tuned...

Beans told me that he'd like to get a picture frame like this so he can put a picture of Frank in it.
(I reminded him that he gets to hang out with Frank pretty much 24/7)

AAAND that's all. There's a few other dachshund things at Target as well but I think I've provided everyone with enough ... 
SO .. if anybody would like to get me OR the dogs any of the above gifts that would be AWESOME! May I provide a gift wrapping suggestion? :)

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