Monday, February 4, 2013

Puppy Bowl!!

So as you all know (?), yesterday was a big day in sports.. because the PUPPY BOWL was on!!!
(oh yeh.. and the Super Bowl was on too... forgot about that one...)

Frank & Beans have been looking forward to watching this for a while and couldn't wait for me to turn it on for them yesterday afternoon. They were very patient while we got the TV all set up ...
"Can I please have some of that chili you're making? And maybe one of the
Hudy Ambers I saw you bring home from the store earlier??"

... but once the game was on the boys were all focused... 
Beans immediately found his favorite puppy to cheer on ... Marta the Schnauzer/Beagle mix
Little Man couldn't take his eyes off of her...he was in love...

And that's our puppy bowl recap! Happy Monday everyone!!

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