Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Frankly Speaking

We received a letter from my friend Quattro from Deeeeetroiitttttt.  Quattro writes "Dear Frank, what is your favorite part about Mardi Gras?".

Before I answer your question I just want to say that I can't believe Bean's pulled it off!!  You may have seen the part of the Super Bowl after the big half time show with Beyonce when the lights went out!

Well,....Bean's had a stunt double stand in for yesterday's post and was actually in the Big Easy to watch the Bengals in the Super Bowl (we have a lot of free time during the day so just for fun I told him the Bengals were in the big game - since he doesn't know how to turn on the TV he didn't know any different).

Anyway, who knew he would hitchhike down south to see the Bengals in person!?  Bean's was already annoyed that the Bengal's weren't actually in the Super Bowl; when he saw Destiny's Child go reunite for the halftime show that was the end of it (he can't stand their song Survivor!).  Don't tell anyone but Bean's pulled the plug on the Super Dome!

Just look at this picture!  He is up to no good!

Anyway, now that I have that confession off of my chest let's talk about Mardi Gras.  The answer to your question is an easy one!  It's the King Cake!  I can't get enough of that tasty treat - although sometimes I find this weird baby doll - how does that get there anyway?

King Cake!

Please submit your questions extra early for Valentine's Day, I anticipate a high volume of questions!

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