Friday, February 1, 2013

Groundhog Day

In honor of Groundhog day tomorrow, we here at The Daily Frank & Beans decided to post about.. groundhogs!
What do groundhogs have to do with Frank & Beans? you ask? Well... plenty!
Remember this sexy lady...
As you can tell, she's not that sexy anymore This is Frank's girlfriend who has been very well loved.

For Christmas we got Frank a new friend.. not sure if its really a girl (pet store didn't have any with pink nails or pretty eyelashes :( bummer ...), so we are calling it his buddy/partner/companion.
Everyone, meet Jerome
"Hi Rudy!" :)
(sorry for the fuzzy pic. loved the angle with Rudy in the background)
 Frank got Jerome as a Christmas gift and right away took him to his cage to bond 
Why the name Jerome? We. have. no. clue... but thats what it is, so when we refer to Jerome, you know we'll be talkin' about this fella' 

Jerome takes residence in Franks cage which is always locked up, because when it's not, this happens...

Let's just say that Beans is a little too rough with stuffed critters, and if we leave him alone with them, they will be ripped apart with stuffing on the floor within 5 minutes. 

SO.... since Jerome is quite groundhog looking(-ish?) we have decided to feature him on this fabulous Friday and ask the question ... will Jerome see his shadow come Saturday morning? Leave a comment on Frank & Beans Facebook page with your vote!

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