Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Park in the Neighborhood

We found a new park!

Ok it's not really a park but more of a playground.. and it's still under construction.

A new school was built down the road from us, and on a recent walk (after meeting a special somebunny) we discovered that they have not one but TWO fenced in play grounds. One for kindergardeners and one for older kids. They're both still under construction but we snuck in and ran around for a little bit...
Since we don't have a fenced in yard, any opportunity we have to let the boys loose we go for it (let's just say we have a lot of cats, squirrels, bunnies and DEER in our backyard.. and the chiefs LOOOOVE to chase animals... we've learned). One of our other favorite spots is what we call "Frank's Park" ... because it's so big that we can let the chiefs loose knowing there's not really anything else around.
Frank and Beans looooved being able to run around like craaazy!
It didn't last too long though, because this came at the end of a long walk (2.25 miles!!).

AND THEN we found this.... (remember those playground toys where you throw a ball in a basket and it comes out one of 4 holes??)
Yep.. we did....
Happy Wednesday!

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