Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Frankly Speaking

I got alot of emails this week regarding why Dennis Rodman went to North Korea or who will take the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  Those are simple answers.  1. Because the Dictator of NK needed tattoo advice and Dennis Rodman doesn't have much else going on these days.  2.  Louisville Cardinal's will win it all because I think Cardinal's look tasty.

You need to know that of all of the current events this week one stands above all of the others.  Have you heard of Bacon Flavored Scope Mouthwash?  From the same people who raised my buddy Beans into the dapper doxie he is today; the brilliant people at P&G have finally come up with a product just for me (and I don't mean dogfood!).

As many of you know I have had weight challenges in the past - I used to eat my feelings - and everything else I could find!  One of my favorite foods in the world is bacon (my owners don't let me have it but it smells really good when they cook it!).  Imagine being able to get the same great bacon flavor but without the calories!  Take a look and see for yourself!  Bacon flavored Scope Mouthwash!

Ok - so I just got real depressed!  I just heard that this is an April's Fools joke.  Look's like its back to licking the kitchen floor for crumbs!  I've also been practicing my puppy dog eyes - who can say no to this face!

Oops thats not me here try this one instead!

Please send any Bacon you have directly to my PO Box: Hungry Dog, 11800 Fast Food Way, Cincinnati, OH 34567.  Don't forget all donations are tax deductible or something! 

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