Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Frankly Speaking

I'd like to spend my post today addressing barking.  Barking is a skill I practice whenever given the chance.  I will keep barking until I learn English - right now I'm retaking Latin 101 at University of Phoenix online.  One of the pre-reqs for dogs to take English is Latin.  Not sure why - the only person speaking Latin these days is my main man Pope Francis!

Anyway - my favorite reason to bark is to remind people I am here (albeit underfoot most of the time) or because my dad is too cheap to install a DOORBELL.  The meme below from my friends at Young House Love put up says it best!

Young House Love is the site where my mom gets lots of ideas about tchotchkes for our house then my dad has to go figure out to build / paint / re-purpose and re-use random found items.  It good fun to watch him create stuff from scratch!  

Bean's does this most mornings at 5am - for fun... I can't reach my own ears to cover them!!

Of course barking could mean a lot of other things as well - here they go in order from lest important to most important..
  1. I am out of food.  Hey Human - When can I have more food?  Is there any food left?  Maybe I can have some of Bean's food.  I promise I won't eat more just let me smell it!  Just let me lick the inside of the bag.  You eat lunch why do I only get breakfast and dinner (I know it's the same food BTW).
  2. I see a cat invading the back yard and you won't let me off the leash to go 'take a closer look'.  Honestly, I just want to say hi - maybe exchange Twitter usernames maybe go dig some holes.
  3. I need to go out to do my business - also could be interpreted as "I know where you put your favorite shoes - it would be a shame to find a surprise next time you put them on as you leave for work in the morning!"
  4. I swear you didn't feed me - I would know trust me.
So in summary - anytime you dog barks feed him them let him loose outside (away from busy road).  We would be so much happier to have unlimited food AND be able to 'greet' the neighbors cat!

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  1. "Let me smell it"...

    I wonder who gave you that idea...