Friday, April 26, 2013

Firecracker Friday

So when we go to Toledo to visit, Frank & Beans encounter one other bird... Firecracker! Firecracker is my 20-year-old cockatiel (yes... 20 .... ). Apparently he's upset that he hasn't been featured on DF&B as I've been getting several picture & videos about it from him. So ... without further adieu... meet....... Firecracker...
Warning #1: if you are at work DO NOT play this on your speakers...
Warning #2: turn your volume WAY DOWN when you start to play it and gradually raise the volume as you watch.. {trust....}
Helpful Hint: need to get somebody up and out of bed? Play this video :) 

...and here's another Happy Friday video I found on YouTube. A collection of cute dog videos from American's Funniest Home Video. You will all know what Frank & Beans favorite clip is :)
  Happy Friday!!

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