Friday, April 12, 2013

Frank & Beans Detroit Tigers Home Opener RECAP!

Last Friday was the Detroit Tigers Home Opener at Comerica Park. OF COURSE Frank & Beans were there to check things out!! See what kind of trouble they got into!!

The day started off with the boys chatting it up with Rod & Mario for a little bit...
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Beans:  "Yes Rod, I agree with you 100%... I think the Tigers are going to have
another stellar season!!"
Frank: "Ya know, Beans, I feel another World Series coming on, except this time
we're going to win it!!"

And we noticed that these guys got their names up on a greeting on the scoreboard.. they seem to be getting pretty famous..
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THEN it was game time...
Frank was having a hard time understanding why Prince Fielder & Miguel Cabrera didn't want to play fetch with him and his green snake toy...

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"Come on guys! Throw it! I can run REEEALLY fast!!!"
We had to explain to Frank that this was a baseball game and these guys were a little busy with something more important... 

You guys may not have seen it, but our own Beans was was responsible for one of the Tigers runs.. can you believe it? In case you didn't see it, take a look...
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"Must go faster! Must go faster! Must go faster!"
The boys were trying REALLY hard to catch a foul ball to bring home....
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"Frank! You got this!!"

...No luck this time but maybe another! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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