Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tuesday Trip to the Park!

We had such nice weather yesterday that we couldn't NOT go out for a walk and hang out at the park!!
The boys were PUMPED... although the park was filled with too many other dogs so we had to stay on our leashes...
Beans also enjoyed doing one of his favorite spring activities...
We also spent a lot of time looking at the other dogs. Frank & Beans were very focused on seeing who was out and about at the park... who was wearing what leash ... what collar.. you know, the typical neighborhood-park-talk...
" Beans, can you believe that boxer left the house with a leash looking like THAT"
"I know, Frank, such a tragedy.. a pink polka-dot leash with a green striped collar" :: sigh :: 

By the time we got home we probably hit over 2 miles on our walk, so the little chiefs sure were tuckered out! Here's to more good weather!! 

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