Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring Haircut

Someone got a haircut! Check out Beans' new 'do!

Beans had a date with the grommer on Friday because he was starting to look like a BEAST!


 So with some 'moderate' trimming on his sides and legs, and just a liiittle trim on the top of his head and down his back he came back lookin' like a new man!
So fresh, so clean...
Lucky Frank did not have the same 'spa treatment' that lil Beans did except for a little nail/paw trim. BUT poor Frank had to go through a few hours of "wheres my best buddy?" while Beans was away...
"Have you seen Beans??"
"He's never coming back :( "
"At this rate he might never come back ... guess I can chew on his rawhide bone then..."

Happy Monday!

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