Friday, December 21, 2012

Frank and Beans 12 Days of Christmas : Day 12

It's our last and final day of Frank & Beans 12 days of Christmas! Frank & Beans have had such a good time sharing with you how they are getting ready for the holidays (Rudy, too!).
Today they want to share with everyone the making of their Christmas card!
A few weeks ago we took over a hundred photos in the hopes of getting one good one. We had several locations for photos, a few different props, and even some outfit changes... I maxed out our memory card a few times in the process... and here are some of the "best of Frank & Beans Christmas card bloopers" :)
"Oh hey, someone's got a treat.. lemme get it"

Frank: "Hey, I think I remember chewing some of these sparkly things up last year.. they look a little familiar"
Beans : "They say the camera adds 10lbs... suck it in!!!"

 Frank : "Beans.. can you just look at the camera for a minute... then we can take these stupid outfits off, go outside and play" 
Beans : "Good thing I paid big bucks for a straight blade shave earlier today" 

Beans : "OK, I'm ready for my close-up!"

Frank : "Are we almost done yet?" 
Beans : "Dude.. I'm outta here..."

Beans : "Dog Kisses! Yeaaah!"
Frank : "Yeah.. lets pose like our humans did for their Christmas card last year..."

(2011 Christmas card)

... until we finally captured this photo. Here it is -- HAPPY HOLIDAYS from THE DAILY FRANK & BEANS!
Frank & Beans are going to take some time off for the holidays while we hang out with family. There may be an occasional posting or two, but if we don't talk to you before then - have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :)

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