Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Frank and Beans 12 Days of Christmas : Day 10

While Frank and Beans work on some final preparations for their last 2 days of Frank & Beans 12 Days of Christmas, Rudy decided he wanted to have a "Day" all his own, so he decided to pick out his favorite parrot Christmas videos on YouTube.

Here, Rudy starts off with a holiday greeting from his buddy Einstein (aka: Santa Claus)...

And then he moves on to a cockatiel buddy of his singing a little Jingle Bells (we gotta work on that one for next year...)

AND THEN can we talk about the fancy graphics on this one?? Might need to take note of this for next year as well.. these birds have some talent.
(Rudy especially likes his name.. Scooby.. ha!)

Rudy loves watching Snowball the Cockatoo's videos (and especially his dancing). Here is a series of Christmas-themed songs with Snowball singing and dancing. 
He's kicks like a Rockette! Rudy admires him for those legs... although he's not sure about those head throws at around 2:45 in...  Bird of the 80's?

Rudy hopes you enjoy his selection of videos for the holidays. He figures he's now got about a year to work on his skills to show them off for you next year (get ready guys... get ready...). Frank & Beans will be back tomorrow and Friday to share their last 2 Days of Christmas. Stay tuned!!

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