Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Frank & Beans 12 Days of Christmas : Day 9 : Frankly Speaking

Eva the Min Pin from Cincinnati wrote in asking what Beans & I had asked for for Christmas.  Well Eva, I thought no one would ever ask!  We here at The Daily Frank and Beans are simple and don't need much as we have our owners wrapped around our fingers 365 and use our good looks to get what we want!

Well - as you may know - last year I went on a long journey full of trials and tribulations - like Picasso had his Blue Period and I had my Slimming Period - aka my weight loss journey, treats were only given when earned and my food was portioned!  It was a rough time in my life but like Picasso I moved on to bigger and better things (although my food is still portioned)!

One thing I do miss is all of the treats just for being cute so I could really use an Easy Bake oven.  I do hope that you will send one to me - so I can reward myself for existing and being exceptionally handsome!

Easy Bake Oven - Don't burn yourself!

Beans is really looking forward to learning how to fetch a ball so he asked that I share with you a cool gadget that a fellow Dachshund created (or their owner, rather).  It's an automatic tennis ball launcher!  Finally, we can play toss without our humans getting tired!  This video with fellow dachshund, Jerry, shows just how much fun robots can be!  Get us two - one for each of us!

Remind me of Asimo!

Lastly, if you are out of other ideas we are accepting cold hard cash on KickStarter in time to visit the Christmas Market in Munich!  This pic takes me right back there to the PBS special I saw the other day!

Makes you want a spiced wine!
Thanks in advance for all of the gifts and cash!  You are the best fans 2 dogs could ever hope for!

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