Monday, December 10, 2012

12 Days of Christmas : Day 3

Frank & Beans are back after a busy and exciting weekend. On Friday Frank participated in the Running of the Wieners at the Cincinnati Cyclones game.. and here's a recap for Day 3 of Frank & Bean 12 Days of Christmas!
Source : Cincinnati Cyclones Facebook page
We started off with a picture with Santa Claus! Of course neither of them really wanted to smile for the camera.. whatever... 
The boys decided to dress up in their holiday attire - Beans in his Christmas t-shirt, and Frank in his Christmas tie (of which they both got many compliments... Beans also got a lot of compliments on his crazy hair.).
We grabbed our seats among all the other dogs who were there for Pucks 'n Pups night and started watching the game. Frank was REALLY into it...
 And what was Beans into? Ben's Hudy Delight (figures...)
He must have gotten that idea from Rudy... 

When it was time to start the race we left Beans with a friend while we met up with all the other racers. Frank was PUMPED..
Now, we only have one picture of the actual race that I found on Facebook.. the whole thing happened so fast I couldn't even get a picture..
Source : Cincinnati Cyclones Facebook page
See that tennis ball towards the bottom of the picture? That's Frank's "motivation" ... Ben rolled it at the start of the race for Frank to chase.. but not only did Frank chase it.. just about every other dog did too! Of all the dogs that went after it, Frank caught it in the end.
Frank is the dog on the left behind the "lady in red" dachshund (this dog had on a GIANT Christmas dress.. not sure how she could actually run in it). Here it looks like he got a slow start but once he got moving he crept up towards the front... :)
So the good thing is that Frank actually finished the race this year and didn't turn around. A lot of dogs actually finished this year, so it was hard for the judges to pick a winner. Unfortunatley Frank was NOT the winner but he still had a good time.. and he got his ball!
He wouldn't let go of it .... literally..
I heard that Beans did a great job of cheering Frank on.. he did so much cheering that by the end of the game he was worn OUT! 
We all had a great time at the race and look forward to next years!!

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  1. YEA! My boy at a hockey game! Nothing better! Love to Beans (formerly Tailgate) and his cute brother, Frank! :)