Friday, December 7, 2012

12 Days of Christmas : Day 2

Big day for Frank! It's race day!! He's been busy prepping for this ALL WEEK... doing laps around the house (literally), making sure he stays nice and loose by doing lots of stretches, drinking lots of water, and listening to motivational talks from Beans. Franks & Beans hope to see some of their fans at the game later tonight.. and for those who can't make it, we'll post a recap next week. 

We're back with Day 2 of Frank & Beans 12 Days of Christmas! {TGIF, by the way!}
On Day 2 the boys are showing off their Christmas party clothes. They are eagerly checking the mailbox and their Facebook page for invites to any upcoming Christmas party that might be going on... They've even got their holiday-themed outfits picked out so they can show up at the party with a moments notice!
Beans is showing off his new t-shirt from Target that says "Dear Santa, Let me explain..." which is quite fitting for our little trouble-maker (if he does get to visit Santa, he's got some explainin' to do ....). One other thing Beans need to work on is get a little hair cut.. he's lookin' a little rough lately... (but as always.. SUPER cute...) we'll work on that one :)

Frank is ready to rock and roll with his Santa party hat

And then we have this nifty Christmas tie that we got at Target. 

Now it's time to play "Who Wears it Better?" (again!!). I did this at Halloween with the witches hat and literally had 1 person verbally tell me who wore the hat better. Let's try to do a little better this round and post a comment to this post with who YOU think wears the Christmas tie better... 
Is it Frank.... 
"All of a sudden I feel so grown up! When does my first pay check go through?"

... or Beans??
"I'm ready to be the CEO of Frank & Beans Enterprises... first thing I'll do? Change it to Beans & Frank Enterprises..."


Have a good weekend everybody! Don't forget that Frank is in the Wiener Dog Race at the Cincinnati Cyclones game tonight! He hopes to see some of you there!!