Thursday, December 20, 2012

Frank & Beans 12 Days of Christmas : Day 11

What Christmas event isnt complete without a little holiday baking? That's right.. on today's Frank & Beans 12 Days of Christmas the boys are going to share some of their baking skills with YOU! They have not one but TWO special treats to show you.
Unfortunately this was probably the most difficult post EVER and why I thought getting pictures of dogs "baking" was a good idea... no clue... so this is the best we could do ... (and pardon the super blurry pictures on this.. once the dogs could see the food we had to move fast...)

Lets start with the cookies!!!
First Beans started out with a little green frosting...
And he must have decided he really liked that green because he just kept on using it! 
"Slow and steady.... calm paws..."
Then Frank took over..
"Wait, you guys actually trust me doing this? ... ha..."
Aaaand there goes a cookie... 

We're done!! Didn't they turn out pretty??? 
{OF COURSE they're dachshund shaped cookies.. and heck NO we didn't eat any of them after the dogs were finished with them...}

Next up was the gingerbread house (graham crackers literally Elmer's-glued together.. yeaaaaaaah)

Complete with a decorated dog treat... 

... and graham cracker dog... :)

Ben: "Hey, let's try getting both dogs in the picture with the gingerbread house" 
... Yeah right... 

First up - Frank.. check him out as he puts the little colored candies on the roof... 
Convincing eh? :)

 And here's Little Man as he puts his special touch on the house...
Look who decided to dress in the Christmas tie for this occasion!!

And magically the house is all finished! Amazing!!  So yeah, that's as good as these dogs baking skills gets. If you're interested in hiring Frank & Beans out for some holiday goodies, feel free to send them an eMail - their contact info is on the "Contact" page of this website :)

And here are a few outtakes that I've caught over the past few days of Frank doing some sneaky things... 

Here we are thinking we can be all sly and just walk away with this toy that is intended for our doggy-friend Twiggy... BUSTED
"Just act cool and confident... cool and confident..."

And now we're just trying to open our Christmas gifts early... 
"If i give her the puppy dog eyes I might win this..."

And here's where I have a little fun with Frank.. since he's SOOOOO interested in all of our other gifts, I decided to wrap him up! Not too interested in the gifts now, are we??


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  1. Twiggy loves the little bone so much-- right now it is her favorite.