Thursday, December 6, 2012

Frank & Beans 12 Days of Christmas : Day 1

Aright fans, it's time to start the Frank & Beans 12 Days of Christmas!

We wish we could be like Ellen and have some fabulous giveaways like a big TV, new car, luxurious vacation, etc. Unfortunately Frank & Beans don't have any sponsors to help us out with that. So instead, for the next 12 days, Frank & Beans are going to show you how THEY are getting ready for Christmas.

Here we go with Day 1...
Day 1 is Decorating the Tree

The boys have a few special ornaments on our tree...
They even "helped" to hang a few for us, too!
 (in other words, searched for a few treats we stuck in the bottom branches of the tree while I desperately tried to get a few 'decent' pictures ... this could turn out to be a horrible idea if they begin to think the tree ALWAYS has treats in it... stay tuned)
We don't have  any ornaments towards the bottom of the tree so curious doggies can't get into any trouble. Oh, and where's our tree skirt? Ask Beans ...

See everyone tomorrow for Day 2!

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