Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Frankly Speaking

With Christmas just around the corner I've been getting alot of questions about what kind of gifts I will be getting for my owners.  I asked them to not look at this post until after Xmas so SHHHHHHH don't say a peep!

Both of my parents are hard to buy for so I scoured the internet - even got to the end of the internet at one point!  Reminds of the hilarious commercial many years ago, one of my favorites!

I recommend that you give a gift that caters to the gift receivers favorite things but with a unique twist so since Ben enjoys a good video game from time to time so I found this cool wall decal kit throwback to the old Asteroids game on Atari.  You can move the decals around to make it look just like the real game!  You can find this neat gift at this location Fab.com!

Makes you want to skip school and go play video games at a friends house!

For my mom I found something truly unique for her since she is such the cook.  I will admit the gift is a bit self-serving but hey, what gift giving isn't!? Just kidding.  Anyway, here we go with a set of Dachshund Oil and Vinegar Cruets.

You could always put proper color of oil in these to match your favorite Doxie's color!

Found these on the PopDeluxe.  

Happy gift shopping every body!  Till next week!

- Frank 'Your 4 legged Personal Shopping Consultant Extraordinar'

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