Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Frank!

Over the weekend Frank celebrated his 4th "birthday" {aka: adoption anniversary and best guess for his age ;) }. He had a super fun and exciting day...
We started off the day with PRESENTS!!
A lizard-looking squeaky toy, a Kong squeaky bone & some Greenies!!
(ok, the Greenies were more of a necessity than a birthday gift but what the heck....why not give it as a birthday gift)
 I know what's in there... can you let me in please???
Of course who gets to the green lizard first? Beans... 
Bless his little heart, but he can't have any fabric/stuff squeaky toy because he's too destructive with them (moments after this pic was taken he ripped Lizard's arm off.....)
 {...missing arm.. }

The Kong-squeaky-bone is by far Frank's favorite, though... I couldn't even get a picture of him with it! {we got the Kong-bone with Beans in mind since it looked more durable........ see above}
He would have played with it ALL DAY if he could, but I can only handle the squeaking of the boy for so long.. PLUS we had other things to do ....

... like take a birthday walk! And seriously, what birthday walk isn't complete without a fashionable bow tie....
Frank got so many compliments and smiles from people on the walk for looking so fashionable :)

.... he didn't even want to take the tie off (as if he had a choice.....)... here we are later that night watchin' the Tigers game (shout out to those AWESOME Tigers who swept the Indians over the weekend, too!)
"They told me that after this game is over we can watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua... "

And then we finished off with a special treat (to be shared later this week... stay tuned!!!!)
All in all I'd say Frank had a pretty good day! Happy Monday!

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