Thursday, June 20, 2013

Favorite Tigers

So we've been watching a lot of Detroit Tigers baseball lately (big surprise, I know).
Over the weekend we were watching and asked the chiefs who their favorite players were...

Frank eagerly said that Prince Fielder is his favorite... He says that they're both a little .. uh... 'husky' but can still move FAST...

Beans pondered the question and then said that Miguel Cabrera would be his favorite... why? They both have the same hair 'do!

 {ok this might be slightly exaggerated.... and was from a time when Beans was in desperate need of a grooming...}

AND isn't it just so cute that Frank & Beans are BFFs just like Prince & Miggy?!? Frank & Beans don't have the skills to make up their own handshake...

.. but you can still see their loving bromance!

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