Monday, June 17, 2013

Frank's special birthday treat

I mentioned last week in Frank's birthday recap about another special treat Frank (& Beans) had... here it is
What are 'pupsicles' you ask? Chicken broth (+ a little more water) frozen with a treat stick in the middle! {In this case the treat sticks are "Organic Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Recipe Sticks" ... yuuummmm}. Popped 'em in the freezer for a couple hours.. and BAM... pupsicle... 
 The pupsicle for Beans had a slight.. uh.. issue...... as if that was really going to matter... 
A perfect treat for a hot day, especially after a nice, long walk! 
After Frank got his pupsicle... he went to TOWN on it...
Beans really enjoyed his, too!!
Ever since they had their pupsicles... every time we go outside on the patio they HAVE to stop and lick these spots .... chicken flavored pavers I guess... yummmm
I think we'll be making a lot of these this summer...


  1. I'm sensing an untapped business opportunity here for the neighborhood ice cream man.

  2. Love the shot of Beans's tongue!