Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I got a note from my neighbor from around the way.  Bootsie the Dachshund from my hood writes in "Dear Frank - you might remember me when you were on a walk the other day.  I was the dachshund in the window in the corner house barking affectionately as you and Bean's strutted by.  There are a lot of dogs walking their owner but none quite like you - any advice for a successful dog walk?".

Dear Bootsie - love the name - reminds me of a friend of mine; legend of funk, Bootsy Collins.  A local favorite!

Bean's love's his Big YELLOW coat and sheriff star on the hat. #winning

I digress - ok so yes - successful walks.  There isn't enough time to write all of my secrets but you can catch them all in Chapter 3 of my forthcoming book: 7 Habit's of Highly Effective Canines (published by Random Dog House; pre-order on Amazon soon).

Lesson 1 - Don't step on the cracks.  People joke about not stepping on cracks because it breaks peoples backs or something.  This is a real public health issue with dachshunds - you could blow out a paw (or step on a pop top and have to cruise on back home!).  

Lesson 2 - Eat before you go - or at least keep your eyes out for scraps left behind.  Once I found a bag of hamburger buns - you should have seen my dad try to pry them out of my mouth.  And they said dogs should eat dog food - after people food?

Seriously - get me a cheeseburger!

Lesson 3 - Pick a leader for the walk.  I've spoken with Bean's before about the pack mentality.  Every pack needs a leader and followers.  Walks can get tense if you are trying to be the pack leader if I am involved.  Ask my owners - I lead them & Bean's!  Note: Leading also means you can spot food scraps first and maybe even get ahold of them!

See you out there on the streets Bootsie - make us Doxie's proud!

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