Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Frankly Speaking

Quattro from Detroit writes in this week:  "Dear Frank, I saw Kim Kardashian just had her baby.  I'm curious if you have any recommendations for trashy reality TV's shows."

Let me be clear - the only thing worth watching on Kim's show is Bruce Jenner - that man is an American Hero - he does have a gold medal and was a spokesman for Wheaties - what a guy!

OK, he doesn't quite look like the box - like me he 'had some work done'.

Anyway, while Kanye is tied up taking care of his new baby I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you some of my other favorite rappers since Kanye will be out of the game for awhile.  

Ok you all may remember the enigmatic DMX from the late 90's.  Beans and I really like his music because he is always talking about his dogs and barking - thanks for the shout out!  He likes pitbulls though so be careful - those guys are a bit scary for a little guy like me!  Note: this song is edited as the DMX does have a bit of a potty mouth.

I also really like Snoop Dogg.  I heard he changed his name to Snoop Lion which I'm not crazy about - given my aversion to cats (big or small) but I'm willing to overlook it so long as he keeps coming out with great tunes like this one.  Sometimes he even has songs with a guy named Nate Dogg (RIP).

To answer your question Quattro, I only watch Jerry Spring (watch local aka he is more Cincinnati than Hudy Delight).  Also, his Closing Thoughts are always very relevant to my life..Hopefully he decides to run for Mayor in 2014 as he is a Pro at solving complicated issues in 60 minutes or less.

Take Care of Yourself and Each Other!

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