Thursday, June 27, 2013

Firepit Friends

Those of you who "like" The Daily Frank & Beans on Facebook probably saw the picture we posted yesterday afternoon of Frank "the escape artist" ... we'll get a post up of what we *think* happened soon... plus a few other details.
For those of you who don't have The Daily Frank & Beans on their list of "likes" on Facebook... you should add them soon.. we are going to try and post more pictures on there of them :)

Aaanyways... we recently had a little bonfire going in our little fire pit. Since the chiefs ALWAYS have to be involved we let them hang out on the patio with us (OK.. so they were inside the house and wouldn't stop barking at the door because they knew we were out there... for our sanity we let them join us).
The chiefs were a little jealous that they couldn't lay too close to us but it's all for their safety ;)
 "Marshmallow... ? Please?? Graham cracker??"
While we sipped on beers and toasted up some marshmallow for smores... the chiefs just chillllllled...

Oh and check this out! On a recent trip to a Cincinnati Red's game (I know, we're Tigers fans...) we saw this concession stand... Frank's Franks!!
I'm sure Frank would love to work here... 

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