Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Frankly Speaking

I got a lot of car related email this week.  I think it's partly due to my GREAT SUCCESS on our trip out of town and a recent video I saw about a dog learning to drive a MINI Cooper!  More on the driving dog a minute!

In honor of last month's National Click-It or Ticket month - I would like to discuss seatbelt safety or more importantly how to properly chauffeur; I mean transport; your favorite furry friend (cats don't count - they aren't much for roadtripping it - and make quite boring company unless they are willing to be chased!).

Ok without further ado - enjoy a dog driving a MINI Cooper (ok its the jumbo MINI but who is keeping track)?

Note: Porter's attention to detail when making that turn!  Also, note his proper wearing of a seatbelt.  Imagine your shock when you have had one too many and you call for a cab and Porter is driving - BOOM - look who was paying attention!

OK, everyone knows you should wear a seatbelt and belt your pooch in so lets get to a more important topic: comfort and style.  I don't go anywhere in a car unless it has leather seats and is WASHED.  After all, you only get ONE chance to make a first impression at the dog park.  Take a look at the custom faux pleather leatherette I got installed in my ride by a guy I met walking around the neighborhood.


Speaking of making an entrance (re: importance of first impressions).  You would probably also be wise to install gullwing doors on your ride so you can pull right up to the valet in your big giant coat and step out LIKE A BOSS.  Let me illustrate:

Get out there a be somebody!  

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