Friday, June 7, 2013

Frank's 3rd birthday Recap

So Frank's "birthday" is tomorrow, Saturday. It's really his adoption anniversary but since we don't know when his actual birthday is we call it his "birthday". This year we are going to say he's 4 (wouldn't you love to say "oh this year I am going to be XX").
Here's a picture of the big chief when we picked him up from the shelter 2 years ago.... hiiiiigh as a kite...
"They told me I had some work done.... "

Here's how we celebrated last year...
 A dachshund balloon (I know...), a dog cookie cupcake and a squeaky toy (that no longer squeaks)!!!
Waiting for the birthday boy!! 
(I know...)

Birthday cookie time!!!
nom nom nom nom
And no, Beans was not left out of the festivities... his Tigers shirt!!! (check out his crazy long hair!!)
And here we are posing with our balloon! 
(we named him "Chip")

Happy Friday!!!

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