Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We're still here!!

Hey there everyone! Soooo Frank & Beans have gotten quite a bit of fan mail over the past couple of weeks asking what's going on.... we apologize for the lack of posts. We go from daily to "a couple times a week" to "nothing for over 2 weeks"
No worries... we're still here!!!
Along with some computer technical difficulties, we (Frank & Beans humans) have been CRAAAZY busy these past few weeks, and it's not going to get much better for at least another 2-3 weeks :( BUT, come mid-September (once our "crazy weeks" are done), we've got a few fun posts planned so stay tuned!!

We promise we will resume to a more normal schedule in a few weeks but bear with us until then! We will try {keyword: try} to do some more occasional photos on Facebook so look for us on there!

To keep you occupied until we return, check out 2 of F&Bs favorite doxie blogs!

Celebrity Dachshund -- meet Crusoe -- a crazy short haired dachshund who likes to dress up and go on LOTS of adventures. F&B are lucky we don't have time to dress them up like Crusoe.... (you'll see what we mean....)
The Long and Short of it All  - another great dachshund blog full of stories, videos, articles, pictures etc.

{now the only rule about this is, you all have to promise that F&B's blog will ALWAYS remain your favorite, though}

Oh yes - and for those who are wondering how Beans is doing sans some teeth - he's doing AWESOME... back to chewing his rawhide like crazy. He's also really enjoying snackin' on carrots like he used to - it was a little rough for a while!

Thanks for hangin' in there!!

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