Monday, August 12, 2013

Update on Beans

The chiefs had a great weekend full of walks, fetch the toy (mostly Frank) aaaand naps (no surprise with that..).

So how's our little Beans doing??


Beans is doing so well since his little visit to the vet on Thursday. We're thinking he's still a little sore, as he isn't showing much interest in his rawhide bones yet, but hopefully later this week he'll be tearin' them up.
Until then we've been giving our little chief some chicken broth ice cubes (kinda like PUPSICLES!)
Of course Beans isn't showing too much interest in them after about 30 seconds of licking...

(Fancy Feast?? :: ding ding :: )

But don't worry guys... Frank doesn't let anything go to waste. 

He's got this under control... 

Also, Frank & Beans want to give a special Happy Birthday shout out to the one and only BRINKLEY!!! Happy Birthday Brinks!!! (you may remember Brinkley as the ONLY other participant in the Dog Eyebrow Challenge...)

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