Friday, August 9, 2013

Beans Special Adventure

For anybody who saw on their Facebook page last night, Beans had a little "adventure" yesterday... although I don't really know if "adventure" is the right word.
Yesterday, Beans spent some time at the vet/dentist/tooth fairy's.... our poor little chief had to have some of his teeth pulled.

11 to be exact.

We found this out last month on a trip to the vet for a yearly checkup. We set the date for the "extraction"... and then I went around feeling really bad for our little guy.

So the big day arrived. I let Ben be the "bad guy" and drop Beans off in the morning...

SAFETY FIRST! Gotta wear that seatbelt! 
Poor guy had no idea what was about to happen... 

... later in the afternoon it was time to bring Beans home. When I got to the vet's place, guess who greeted me at the door.. BEEEAAANS! I was told that Beans was probably already feeling better because some of his teeth were infected and were probably causing him pain.
Beans can continue to eat all his favorite foods without a problem... AND still enjoy his favorite rawhide bone.

Frank was SO happy to see Beans strut in the door after having spent all day by himself :(

After inhaling his dinner (with a few extra kibbles compliments of Ben), Beans spent much of the night curled up in his cage (and Frank's... for some reason he likes Frank's cage better...). He did enjoy watching the Detroit Tigers SWEEP the Indians AT Cleveland though... as did Frank... OF COURSE.

We'll see how he does over the weekend and try to give an update some time next week.
Have a great weekend everybody!!

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